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VAN XẢ T&S B-3952

  • tsb3952
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  • Valve xả hiệu T&S chuyên dùng trong ngành nhà hàng khách sạn với tính công nghiệp cao và độ bền lâu dài.

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T&S B-3952 Description

The T&S B-3952 twist waste valve is designed for a 3.5-inch sink opening and a 2-inch drain outlet. It comes with an O-ring plunger, ferrule coupling nut, and nut coupling for the twist drain. Measuring 312 inches, its snap-in strainer is removable for cleaning, while its gasket has a 312-inch face flange. There is a lever and twist drain plunger, along with a heat-resistant rotary waste valve twist handle. Its 2-inch NPT is a male thread, and the NPT female thread outlet measures 112 inches.

Product Details

  • Fits 3.5-in. sink opening
  • 2-in. drain outlet
  • O-ring plunger
  • Ferrule coupling nut
  • Nut coupling for twist drain
  • Gasket with 312-in. face flange
  • Snap-in removable strainer measures 312 in.
  • Lever and twist drain plunger
  • Rotary waste valve twist handle
  • 2-in. NPT male thread
  • NPT female thread outlet measures 112 in.

Waste Valve, twist handle, 3-1/2" sink opening, 2" drain outlet (replaces B-3913, B-3917)

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